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Here’s how to get a Deep House Cleaning Examination:

Step 1

Head over to our Contact Us Page

Step 2

Submit all the details of your project

Step 3

Based on the details submitted, we will diagnose the condition of your home.

Step 4

Within 24 hours, you will receive your prescription for house cleaning services.


Comprehensive Office Cleaning Service

You spend a lot of time in your office. Let us keep your space organized and clean with our office cleaning service in Durham, NC. Dirt Doctors Cleaning Services, Inc. will arrange regular cleaning for businesses or corporations of any size. Our professionals provide efficient and thorough service with a schedule that suits your needs. We offer weekday cleaning and give you a tidy and environmentally friendly workplace to spend your time. Our office cleaning service includes the following comprehensive list of areas that we address:

Office Area

  • Remove Trash
  • Dust & Remove Cobwebs
  • Disinfecting of Telephone Handsets
  • Dusting & Polishing of Any Wood Furniture & Accessories
  • Dust Baseboards
  • Clean All Glass Accessories
  • Dust & Clean Screens on Televisions
  • Dust & Lightly Clean around Computer Equipment
  • Sweep & Mop All Flooring
  • Dust & Wipe All Tables & Chairs
  • Vacuum Carpeted Areas & Edge Carpets
  • Dust & Wipe Window Blinds & Sills

Bathroom Area

  • Sweep & Mop All Floors
  • Sanitize & Disinfect Any Tile Areas
  • Sanitize & Disinfect Toilets & Sinks
  • Clean All Mirrored Surfaces

Kitchen Area

  • Dust Baseboards
  • Clean Faces of Appliances
  • Sanitize & Disinfect Countertops & Cabinet Faces & Tabletops
  • Sweep & Mop All Floors
  • Dusting & Removal of Cobwebs Throughout
  • Cleaning of Interior of Refrigerator & Oven (Initial Cleaning Only)

Talk to us and schedule routine cleaning so that when you arrive to work, you can take on the day with a clean office space.

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